The Irish Water Treatment Association was established as an extension of DETA (the Domestic Effluent Treatment Association) to encompass the growing need to safeguard and conserve the country's precious water supply.

Irish Water's primary goal is to promote the conservation and reuse of clean water both at a domestic level and within industry. It also aims to promote the treatment and satisfactory disposal of domestic wastewater thus ensuring the entire water cycle is managed effectively and efficiently.

IWTA is the national association for the treatment, conservation, recycling and reuse of water and wastewater.

Its primary objectives are:

  • To promote the introduction and enforcement
    of the appropriate regulations for domestic on-site water and wastewater treatment
  • To be Ireland's leading voice for domestic water
    conservation reuse and recycling
  • To highlight the importance of water as a
    precious resource and to promote its conservation reuse and recycling on the island of Ireland

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